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"60 per cent of Albertans want more respect":

Alberta's economy may be cooking with oil and gas, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper may call Calgary home, but a poll done for CBC News shows 60 per cent of Albertans don't think the rest of Canada gives the province the respect it deserves.

At the same time, says pollster Bruce Cameron, about 40 per cent of Albertans think the province's influence on the national scene has grown over the last year.
Its probably biased CBC reporting, since its odd those two percentages add up to 100%...they seem to be answering different questions. (ie. You can think Alberta's influence has grown this year and still not be getting the respect it deserves). Maybe influence=respect in the eyes of the CBC? Does that mean they respect George Bush?

For those who didn't already know, though, ABFreedom's blog is again up and running. All of his temporary traffic here can now...ah, who am I kidding?