Do I want it to rain, or not?

Not in Edmonton, silly. In Chicago, where the top of the 4th inning has been delayed due to rain. The same rain that cost me a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley a few years ago (well, not the same rain).

Now I ran home from work at 6:45 tonight in order to make it home in time to not miss the ball game. I was thrilled to find that the score was 0-0 in the 3rd: I have both Mark Buehrle and C.C. Sabathia pitching for me tonight, and a game won 12-8 with no runs until the 8th inning (when both pitchers would have been pulled anyways) would be my best outing.

As it is, this is the current boxscore whilst waiting for the deluge to subside:
M. Buehrle:
IP 4.0 K 1 ERA 6.75 WHIP 1.25 K/BB 1.00

C. Sabathia:
IP 2.1 K 3 ERA 11.57 WHIP 1.71 K/BB 3.00

Not great numbers to be sure. And with Sabathia already pulled and Buehrle pulled if it returns from rain delay, perhaps its best that we call this game a wash and just try again some other time...