Oh frabjous day! Calloo Callay!

Remember "way back" for this post when I wrote:

If Tampa Bay wins 2 out of 3, Toronto is out. If Tampa Bay wins one and ties the another one Toronto is again out of the playoffs: Tampa Bay will have 92 points which Toronto can only tie, but will have 43 or 44 wins: Toronto can only get 42, and again Toronto is out.
Well, that was (for now) the scenario. Tampa lost in OT yesterday, and won today, which means... (insert drum roll please):
The Toronto Maple Leafs are officially eliminated from the playoffs!

Hold on, I need a moment to bask...

Damn that feels good. TSN reports the embarassing news that despite Toronto's win (gack) against Ottawa it no longer matters: the Lightning have achieved at least 92 points which means the absolute best result now can be a tie with Tampa and Toronto in points. This, as I've established, is not in Toronto's best interests. Nice work Tampa. Try to get 2 more just to shut the T.O. establishment up for a while, okay?

I don't know about you, but that deserves a beer.