Has it been 10 hours, 43 minutes, 12 seconds yet?

This is of course a reference to this post and also an homage to this post. Confused yet?

First up, do they talk about a flat of beer in Ontario? If you're "in and out" in Toronto does it mean you're going to appreciate the theatre? It turns out American donairs aren't the only cultural gaps on the continent.

"History's biggest meat-eater found in Argentina" -- The scientists haven't made their way to Edmonton yet.

South Park was overly generous when they covered how crazy Tom Cruise is: he wants to eat Katie Holmes' placenta.

Chicago White Sox players are having fun for the first time since... well, Comiskey's funeral, I guess. So naturally the boss tells Buehrle to stop having fun before games. Farkers have their own opinions on the matter.

A man died in a plane crash. Or not. SmallDeadAnimals compares what a headline says to what the story is actually about.

It's the 100th anniversary of the last San Fransisco earthquake to ever kill fewer than 100 poofters.

Finally, here's where to go to buy the infamous "naked curlers" Calendar. Sadly, they are out of stock. [shocking, isn't it? -ed] Here are a few of the girls who posed nude for the calendar.

Update April 19 2006, 1:25am:It turns out the scientists have gotten to Edmonton: One of the two paleontologists is Philip Currie from the University of Alberta.