Everybody's site is going dead but mine

Well, one week after Lorne Gunter announces his blog "As I Please" will be dormant until May 8th or even later, Mike Jenkinson of the Edmonton SUN announces his "anti-blog" will also be going dead, possibly for the greater part of the summer.

As I did when ABFreedom's blog went down, I will take this moment to graciously take any errant traffic that is itching for new content. Remember, every 10 hours and 44 minutes or so I post something new. That has to count for something.

Now so that I actually have something to discuss:

Slashdot is running a story from some jerkoff complaining that the Xbox360 was too cheap, and therefore should have cost more money to avoid the sellout problem. This, of course, ignores that the sellout was due to slowed production rather than an error in judgement. (I personally think this was a foolish idea on M$'s part: Xbox360s should have been everywhere by now, so that the games were snowballing already in preparation for the PS3 launch).

I suppose everybody is a Monday morning quarterback in this sort of situation.