And again!

Dear Valued Customer,
In the last few days, our Online banking security Team has observed multiple unusual logons on your account,
from Different Blacklisted IP's that is why we are Issuing this security warning. Your Online Banking Access may
be Blocked, to prevent further unauthorized access for your safety.

We have decided to put an extra verification process to ensure your identity and your account security. Please
click on Sign in to Secured Online Banking to continue to the verification process.
(Remember Failure to verify your account details will lead to account suspension for security Reasons)

Thank you.

Online Banking Security Team

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And the link?


Ironically enough, its hosted by StreamLineNet: The home of good value web hosting. "Good" has so many meanings, doesn't it?

(Just to make it clear, this is a scam)

Update, 4:41pm: Further down in my inbox, I get another one!

Dear BMO Online User
The bank of montreal audit department has detected a problem with transactions in your account.
An amount was deposited and withdrawn by our accounting system.
We warn you of this error so that you are not surprised
when you see these transactions on your monthly statement.
No Transaction expenses occurred throughout this process.
PLease login to your acount via the provided link below to view balances of your account for assurance


Fortunately, this person's account seems to have been suspended, so there's your good news story of the day.