Day Break Episode 12 mini-review

We have our answers! Almost all of them!

What have we learned? Answered questions include:

  1. Mitch Pileggi is evil... he's the "inside man" on the force.
  2. Billy is Rita's brother.
  3. Rita's connection with all of this was in 2002, when she killed her father in the defense of her brother with a flashlight. Buckhalter (the fat minion) pulled her over, found the dead body, and it took Chad's influence to make it go away: Cockburn was the attorney who made the case disappear...at a price.
  4. Detweiller helped Chad bury the body.
  5. Margo, the woman who was almost hit by a bus in the first episode, is a legal clerk for Judge Nitzburg, who has a sealed warrant to bust Booth and the whole city hall gang. She was unable to obtain the warrant for Hopper, but did get the subpoenas for the conspiracy members, including Spivak (Pileggi). She was kidnapped and held at the address where Hopper thought Rita was.

Unanswered questions:
  1. Will Rita's opinion of Hopper improve "tomorrow"?
  2. How does the conspiracy all tie in together?
  3. Can Hopper escape the loop, solve the crime, and take care of business in the last 43 minutes?