"The price is wrong, Bob!"

New blogger Calgary Dipper has posted the price of global warming is cheaper than ever before imagined! As is usual with Wordpress blogs, I'm left unsure if my post went through, and your guess is as good as mine whether it will eventually end up anywhere anybody can read it. You can read it, however, and its something I'm proud of: a different take on the responses to those who believe that predicting we'll run out of oil by 1992 is sensible and accurate while claiming that massive cuts in our energy useage will have no detrimental impact on our modern economy is "fearmongering". I alluded to this yesterday and now can give a longer and more impassioned take on the subject. Because I care about people, too. In fact, I care about people so much I'm willing to punish (with death, if necessary) those who foist upon us economic ruin on the alter of earth mother while claiming that they aren't doing what they are doing. Without further adieu, my comment:

How about this then: everybody in favour of taking action in support of climate change registers themselves...David Suzuki first of all, but yourself included. Every single cost conservatives worry over will be tallied under Suzuki & Co.'s numbers -- these supposedly "less than widely anticipated" figures you are so proud of.

And then we take all of these actions. If the costs to people (ie. added electricity bill, higher gas prices, job and income losses, etc.) are less or equal to what the green wackos claim them to be: fine.

But if they are NOT, and it turns out the costs skyrocket as we warn will happen then those of us who were not interested in signing on will pay none of these costs. YOU will. Your children will. Your grandchildren will. Your families from now until the end of time will be on the hook for these costs. Your offspring will be slaves whos lives are less than dirt, spit on for all eternity in punishment for the lies and deceptions that the enviro lobby foisted on humanity so long ago. If you are all so confident in your numbers, then by all means take these small easy steps to save the planet. But if you are lying to us, then you will pay. And your bloodline will pay. I want your collective promises on penalty of a fate worse than death that the state of the world is what you say it is.

Let's see how the environmental lobby handles a good dollap of personal responsibility.
(The portion of the text in blue managed to not make it in the final cut. Calgary Dipper's comments section seems to be imcompatible with Firefox, and 90% of the message is "hidden" from me, so I'm glad only one sentence ended up mangled beyond comprehension)

Bonus Calgary Dipper post ripped to shreds: From each according to his bank account, to each according to his value to society. Linda Duncan is bleeting about education again. I note that not all post-secondary education is equal.