Day Break Episode 10 mini-review

Well, that just about clears up the case. Hopper figures the entire thing out. A delightful way to end the series...sort of.

Answered questions:

  1. Dominguez isn't in Pelican Bay. He gets released whenever he wants, because the warden answers to Detweiller.
  2. Detweiller (Quarry Guy) used to be the warden at Pelican Bay when Dominguez was first in. When they want Dominguez for a hit, they signal him to assault somebody (as what happened with the guard), Dominguez gets put into solitary, and somebody (the minions, one supposes) bust him out.
  3. Dominguez's sister is living in L.A. under an assumed name, and she houses Dominguez until Booth's right-hand-man wants him.
  4. Dominguez did kill Garza, and at the end of the night its he who kills Rita. Well, unless Chad and Hopper team up.
  5. Fencik and Buchalter have been renting the apartment above Hopper and using it to spy on him.
  6. Pileggi looks to be innocent, just with a beef against Hopper Sr. Unless he really did check out the gun.
  7. Catching the real killer and clearing his name doesn't pull Hopper from the time loop.

Unanswered questions are again few in these latter episodes:
  1. Who took the gun out of evidence?
  2. What was the purpose of spying on Hopper's apartment?
  3. Who was the guy in the tub?
  4. What will it take to be rescued from the day?