Dedicated to ensuring environmentalists lose two steps for every one they step forward

Above you will see the copy I received today of "The Urban Recycler", a new little publication designed to show Edmontonians how to do their part for the environment. This 2007 edition has such helpful articles as "grasscycling", using blue bags, six year old child labourers forced to clean litter from the streets in lieu of using prisoners, how to recycle your computer, and the stress on garbagemen presented by oversized containers.

I did what any sensible human being would do when opening his mailbox to receive such a gift. I chucked it into the garbage.

Bonus enviro tidbit:

If you took all the recyclables Edmontonians have collected since 1989 you'd fill a 30-storey office tower the size of Churchhill Square.
Frankly, I'd rather have the office building.