Day Break Episode 9 mini-review

Holy action Jackson, Batman!

The 9th episode of Day Break was some of the most interesting television seen in a long long time. Naturally, the show had been cancelled at this point.

Tobias Booth. City councilman, friend of the common man, pillar of the community...he's a liar a thug and a killer.
- Brett Hopper
Hey that's really neat. I got one of those myself, but mine comes with a really shiny badge.
- Chad Shelton, when Damion threatens him with a handgun

Now onto the answered questions:
  1. One of the minions owns a chop shop that was the outfit that rigged up the pretty-lady van that killed Damion a few episodes back.
  2. Booth's right-hand man was a former Latin Disciple who Booth was protected from Damion's testimoney. Booth got the LDs (the larger faction no longer friendly with Damion) and the Skinheads to form an alliance in order to give the appearance of a peaceful community.
  3. Damion and the Quan-Dong asian gangs are forming their own alliance to take Booth's LD turncoat down.
  4. At 12:30am the previous night, Garza tried to fill in the puzzle by FAXing Hopper an incident report regarding Dominguez and Pelican Bay Prison Facility, but Hopper never got the FAX. Somebody swiped the FAX off Garza's desk during the morning investigation.
  5. The skinhead club "Summit" was the site of the union meeting where Booth hooked up the skinheads with heavy weapons. Booth's right-hand man is still running drugs, and it looks like the skinheads will also get the "blind eye" treatment. The minions were at the summit meeting.
  6. Booth got Isabella pregnant, though its unclear where Hopper learned this: it wasn't shown on screen.

Unanswered questions were harder to come by:
  1. Who stole the FAX?
  2. Is Mitch Pileggi evil? He sends Choi to be abducted at the chop shop twice (both directly and indirectly), but then rescues him at the end and lets Choi drive off with Hopper.
  3. Was anything else in the safe?

The text of the incident report is as follows:
At 13:15, Inmate Dominguez was in transfer for lunchtime meal in the East Corridor. During crossover from Cell Block J to Cell Block K, Inmate Dominguez was asked by Guard Lavin to stop for routine check. Inmate Dominguez became verbally abusive toward Guard Lavin then proceeded to physically attack him. When Guard Lavin reached for his club, Inmate Dominguez produced a (??) inch long sharpened pencil and shanked guard Lavin in the right side of his neck. Inmate Dominguez stabbed Guard Latvin in the neck a total of twelve times, puncturing his right corroded artery. Two other guards arrived on sight at 13:18 and Inmate Dominguez was immediately transferred to Solitary Confinement. Guard lavin was immediately transferred to the infirmary, where he was administered morphine and proclaimed dead at 13:28.