Its no Philadelphia, but c'mon!

Just finished watching Cheri Oteri on the Craig Kilbourn show.

She was talking about Surveillance, a movie due out next year currently being filmed in Regina, Saskatchewan. (Same place as much of Corner Gas and Just Friends, the horrendous Ryan Reynolds movie was filmed). [is there a non-horrendous Ryan Reynolds movie? -ed]

Anyways, the whole segment was a whole bunch of the "Regina sounds like vagina" humour. (The IPA pronounciation of the burg is "rɪ'dʒaɪnə", for those who are curious, which I am not). Forgetting that the Brits would have merely called it Reg-ee-na, stemming from its royal origins, Cheri Oteri's whole bit was about the Regina-centric tourist slogans, the gag being that its what the municipality does to put itself on the map.

You get this impression because she refers to it as "this town in Saskatchewan". This "town", you never get from listening to her gag on late night talk shows, has a population of 179,246 and a metropolitan land area of 3,408.26 square kilometres. This gives it a population slightly smaller than Little Rock Arkansas, and a land mass six times larger than Harrisburg, the state capital of Cheri Oteri's home state. I know she hails from Philadelphia, which is 3 times the land mass and 8 times the population, but even she should recognize this puts somebody firmly in "city" territory. Regina would be America's 121st largest city after Newport News [but with a lot less coastline! -ed]. I know modern America, especially its Hollywood component, has an unhealthy opposition to anything that seems provincial (provincial as in small rather than provincial as in territorial subdivisions of political autonomy in member nations of Her Majesty's Common-wealth). Yet somehow I don't think that this extends to calling the capital of Utah (population 181,000) as "The Town of Salt Lake".


Anonymous said...

It was the "Craig Ferguson" show... and it was an hilarious bit. I need to find it on Youtube somewhere and send it to some buddies in Regina. No doubt Lorne Calvert or Pat Fiaco will be calling the show trying to get on to capitalize on the remark and get "15 minutes" out of it...

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Ahh, it was still Craig Kilborn's show. The moron just decided to take a vacation or something.