How to instantly offend hoplophobes, urbanites, vegans, and peaceniks

Have your 11 year old son stalk, shoot, and kill what may be the largest wild boar in U.S. history.

How can we enjoy the show from home? Easy: by reading the positive and negative comments.

Notice something interesting? Here's a basic positive comment:

Major congrats to ya. And even more congrats that you made the right decision to have food made from your kill. I feel that no matter what these animal rights activists have to say, you hunted not just the thrill (albeit, a trophy-sized thrill), but to be able to feed yourself (and, I'm sure many others). As early as 100 years, everyone killed and ate animals. If the AR activist idiots' ancestors didn't kill and eat animals, they wouldn't be here today. Which might be just as well. Again, congratulations on your tremendous kill. And good luck on bigfoot. Ha-ha.
Mike Matsco
And here's your basic negative email:
Fuck you, you stupid redneck, killing a defenseless animal. Too bad the pig didn't have a gun to make it fair, then he could have shot your ass 10 times. Imagine the pain and suffering it went through while you terrorized it in its final moments of life. Funny how you go to a Christian school. You're just another southern, stupid, bible stompin red neck. Rot in hell asshole.

Those liberals, I tell you: what a well educated, mentally stable, mature non-name calling bunch they are...

(h/t Mark Steyn at National Review)