Day Break Episode 8 mini-review

Well, we know who's pulling the strings. More on that later.

So far, Andrea (via Eddie), Chad, and Damion have had their redemption episodes. This time its Jennifer's turn. In this episode we also meet Hopper's mom, find some missing autopsies, and learn who is on who's side.

First, answered questions:

  1. Brett doesn't seem to have the temporal lobe problem that Jarod has: his hospital bill is clean.
  2. We finally have names for the minions: Fencik and Buchalter.
  3. The minions get around. Buchalter has a dirty secret on Chad, which is how they've gotten his co-operation.
  4. Mitch Pileggi's character has a history with Hopper's father, and is now 90% likely to be part of the conspiracy.
  5. Jennifer was the recepient of her father's dirty cop money, and has used almost all of it in support of her family.
  6. Isabelle's autopsy was hidden in the briefcase that the conspirators were demanding. It reveals that she was pregnant.
  7. Hopper's father shot himself, likely due to guilt and to let his kids keep his pension.
  8. Hopper's father had 3 names in the margins: Garza, Detweiller, and Tobias Booth. The latter is a Congressman, who Brett recognizes as the voice in the car who ordered Detweiller around.

Unanswered questions aren't very common in this one:
  1. What is Chad's big secret?
  2. Who fathered Isabella's child? Is it important?
  3. Is Booth the top of the food chain?
  4. Is Mitch Pileggi really evil?