Death to Lebanon, the out-of-control hyperpower!

A bomb has rocked a car park in the Lebanese capital Beirut, injuring at least seven people...

So what's the "root cause" of this terrorist action? Which "peaceful" country did Lebanon invade recently? Does their foreign policy trample a lot of other nations' toes? (I ask this question on Scruffy Dan's blogpost about "American being to blame for 9/11" -- which of course was all a plot by the State Department anyways, right?)

So is it finally time to put this silly meme to rest that al Qaida was formed in response to {insert evil action of American government here}? After all, so far the Muslims have blamed George W. Bush for the Crusades (1095–1291, started by Muslims), the creation of Israel (1948 by the British), and the cancellation of I Love Lucy (1968, Frank Stanton). Even Michael Moore has to concede Bush can't be responsible for all three.

But now al Qaida is involved in Beirut, where the Americans haven't even had a presence for 23 years. Are there going to be emotional "not in our name" protests? Can George Soros start an organization devoted to "moving on" from the past and getting these messy bombings out of the national consciousness? Or will the left-wing morons clue in that al Qaida are a bunch of dirty uncivilized savages, worshipping a false prophet named Mohammed who brings a message from Satan, speaking to Muslims under the name Allah? Don't hold your breath.