Day Break Episode 11 mini-review

The rules have changed. I don't know why, but they have. Everything is suddenly different, and its all because at this point Hopper has gotten sick of the day. But after 16 days on vacation, everything in L.A. falls apart.

Answered questions:

  1. Booth is not the top of the food chain: he's the second highest up, but somebody is higher.
  2. Uncle Nick has also been part of the conspiracy, though less willing than others.
  3. Hippo, a fat guy who's in the police lobby to observe key moments of the day, is introduced as Nick's contact inside the department. He is the leader of the FOHFs, who seem only interested in protecting Hopper but not blowing open the conspiracy.
  4. Rita and Chad's dirty secret involves a dead body, a motel, and somebody named "Billy".
  5. Uncle Nick and Damion meet at the start of the day to discuss Baxter and Hopper. Nick has convinced Damion that they have conspired against him.
  6. Hopper's vacation chat with Rita changed the morning, same as his interventions with Andrea and Jennifer changed the morning: only this change is a massive downside, she now turns on him at the start of the day.

Unanswered questions? I got a ton of them:
  1. Who's the guy at the top?
  2. What's "the move" that Nick is talking to Damion about?
  3. Do Nick and Damion always meet up in the morning, or did Hopper change this? Does Rita always get the call from Billy? She never got it in the second episode where Rita and Hopper go off to meet her Mom.
  4. Speaking of the 2nd episode, in it when Hopper and Rita try to run, the minions try to take him out violently. Why don't they do it in this episode? Because Hopper removes the tracking device every morning?
  5. Who is Billy? What does he have to do with Chad/Rita/dead body?
  6. Was the dead body in the motel room? Or do they mean the dead plumber upstairs?
  7. Why is the evidence above Hopper's apartment missing in this episode and not the previous episodes? Too early in the afternoon when we saw it previous times?
  8. Can Hopper get Rita to stop selling him out every morning?
  9. Who killed Chad and Rita? Why did they kill them in this day and not the others?

Two more episodes to go, and I'm wondering if things are going to be rushed by then. This past episode seems like a "take a break and breather" episode, which is oddly timed to come 11th in a 13 episode run. On the bright side, we got to see Moon Bloodgood