The most disgusting thing you'll read today. Unless you visit "where'd that bug go?" or something

Toddler shocks foster mom: Four-year-old girl suggested sexual acts at bathtime, court told

Diane LaRose testified she was "quite shocked" when she was giving the child her first bath at her new home and the girl asked her to take off her clothes and get in.

"She told me I was going to be the dad and we were going to have sex in the bathtub," said LaRose, adding the girl also described specific sexual acts they were going to do.

"She told me I would like it and it would feel good."

The veteran foster mother testified the young girl, now five, used the actual word "sex" and said her demeanour and tone of voice was more like an adult than a child.

LaRose also told court the child would dance in an exotic way - lifting up her shirt and showing her breasts - would sing songs with obscene lyrics and would fly into rages where she would swear at her and call her nasty names.

She also described a bed-wetting incident where she went to talk to the child about it and said the girl cowered against the wall and began begging for forgiveness.

"It seemed like she thought I was going to hit her."

Yeesh. Although I guess if you want the runner up....
how many times have we seen the face of outrage on john baird during his tenure as canada's new government's resident bitch boy? too fucking many. baird's a bad actor and completely unlikable but he's certainly works well as the main pig in the pen with this useless minority government.