Er, so now how am I supposed to talk about the clip

I just got sent a clip from the newest episode of South Park (which I haven't seen).

Unfortunately, since the recent Viacom lawsuit, the clips featuring the episode (sans a single CNN report) have been removed. So you can't peek at them on here.

What you can do is read a post describing the scene here, even though that's a little bit lame.

The highlight has to come in the reply by "Deborah", who writes:

I've seen a lot of articles about this episode. This one comes closest to getting it right butI think there is one point of this episode that most white people are still missing.

Denial. Not only do white people not get how it feels to be called the n* word and how silly it is to try and ban it, but they don't get that they don't get to take owenership of that word. Ever.

It is never ok for white people to use it and it is never ok for them to dictate to black people whether or not to say it. For all the white people who ask the question: I want to know why I can't say it but it be used by black people who are rappers, comedians or every other teenager this is the answer:

Because you can't. And you just have to understand that as white people this is the one thing you cannot do.
And, er....why, exactly? No sensible reason? That's what I thought.