Talk about your slow weeks

But yes indeed, I was named EclecticBlog's Blog of the week for the week of March 11-17. Here's how he described by humble corner of the web:

The Eclecticblogs “Blog of the Week” is The Third Edge of the Sword. 3rdES is from Alberta and has a very good wit about him. His posts have topics as eclectic as would be expected as an EclecticBlogs Blog of the Week. His explanation of “About Me” is pretty good.

The blog is well written, informative and often funny. He takes the things that happen in the current events of today and puts his own spin on it. His recent post on why women should not be astronauts following Nasa’s dimissal of Kim Nowak makes a funny poke at a bad situation. This is a great place to visit if you are looking for that eclectic view on current events in Alberta, Canada and the US.
["humble corner of the web? Are you drunk? -ed]

If you visit EclecticBlog's main site you can find his other Blog of the Week choices, including the (far more popular) Right of Centre Ice, Ghost of a Flea, and "constantly linked to for reasons not entirely understood" MyBlahg.