This has to be the dumbest idea I've heard of since "Ted Morton shouldn't become Premier"

The 8th Motion Notion Music and Arts Festival
July 12-15, 2007 (the new moon of July)
Near Drayton Valley, AB, Canada

From an email I received in what could only be explained as some sort of bizzare computer glitch:


Motion Notion is moving to a spectacular new location! The event's new home is The Bent River Ranch- a beautiful property just 40km South of last year's location, upstream on the same river. The Ranch is huge enough to accommodate the fast growth of the festival and boasts over 1000 acres of lush rolling pastureland, virgin forests, viewpoints, beaches, and three kilometres of pristine riverfront along our beloved Pembina River. We are excited about the amazing possibilities this new site brings for the festival! It's killer!!

Performers will be announced soon.
Er, sounds harmless enough. The $118 they want for a weekend pass makes a person want to vomit, and even Saturday alone would set you back $60. And then you're still stuck in Drayton Valley...

But then things get a little bit odd. There's a call for volunteers, as with any large music show put on by cheapskate promoters (*cough cough* Big Valley Jamboree *cough cough), and you can volunteer to be a Vendor Manager to coordinate vendor placement and utility distribution and all those things. You might want to volunteer to build the stage, or facilitate the workshops, or...wait, did I just say workshops?

I did. The details are a little sketchy, but a clue about where this is all going comes up in the next position that the event is seeking volunteers for:
Sanctuary Safe-Zone Volunteers:
Compassionate people are needed to create, organize, and run an area and physical shelter where people in need can be helped through difficult temporary psychological issues (bad trips, overwhelming emotions, confusion, etc)
Bad trips!? Hey, waitaminutehere. Is this a hippie event? Well, check the link above, and you will see:
An exploration of sound, nature, and the infinite...

We seek the answers to life's biggest questions.

Motion Notion's open atmosphere encourages people to become more in touch with themselves, others, and the Earth by experiencing mind-expanding music & art in a very natural environment.

"Motions in dance, progressions in our lives, and flux of the universe are all related. Movement is the essence of the universe, so the notion is that movement is existence. We can find clarity by understanding change and movement.
Yep, hippies all right. But wait, the rules state no weapons, alcohol, drugs, or fireworks. So what are the "bad trip" volunteers there for?

Might want to pack some first aid kits and find some triage-capable volunteers. Because of all the "bad trips" a hippie might take in this world, a trip to Drayton Valley, Alberta is probably the most dangerous trip of all...