I have thoughts about a CBC TV show. Surprised?

So I didn't watch Canada's Next Great Prime Minister tonight, though I did see brief moments of it.

I have a few thoughts....

Firstly, what's the deal with the kid who looked like a younger version of Mark Tewksbury? I mean seriously, he was out-fagging Rick Mercer, and that is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Secondly, why on earth do they let girls participate in this event? Women can't be the next great Prime Minister. With a single exception, they can't even be the next mediocre Prime Minister!

Finally, if you really want something exciting, take a look at these past winners of the contest (which dates back to 1995 if you can believe it). Ever heard of Trever Moat, Loleen Youngman, or Christina Stachulak? Any of them seem to be on a fast-track to political superstardom?

Basically, you got to watch 4 Prime Ministers, 3 of which universally acknowledged to be utter failures (and the other intensely hated), interviewing a bunch of young people who probably, not quite certainly, will in the future have absolutely nothing to do with any political success on any level. While Rick Mercer pranced around singing Barbara Streisand songs, or something. Good thing Vancouver-Chilliwack was on Sportsnet tonight!


Anonymous said...

Canadian tax dollars advertised the coming of the next great prime minister - SO ------ why didn't somebody warn us what it was really all about - - - Belinda'$$$$$$ again corrupting figures, percentages,facts when in more ways than one Mr. Cunningham stood out head, shouders and I.Q. points above the twisted figure finalist.... Disgusted ? YES
Surprised NO - not when we saw who carried in the envelope !