Sodomist Travel Guide to the fastest growing economic region in the western world

I spent today at Chapters looking through travel guides for a friend's birthday. Specifically, I needed to find some quick and dirty guides to get around London (England...not Ontario).

I ended up browsing past something a little quicker and dirtier than I wanted: the "Time Out" guide for uranists who happen to be touring the Brit capital.

This got me to thinking, however. To the best of my knowledge, these books are all dedicated to sterotypically homo cities: London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, San Fransisco, etc. Why don't they try making a poofter travel guide to Grande Prairie, or Red Deer, or Rocky Mountain House?

I think I would pay money just to see what they could come up content-wise for such a book. I get the feeling that the Time-Out Guide to Red Deer, Alberta would contain just one word: hide.