Slightly overdue Budget 2007 Coverage

Yes, it's high time that Third Edge of the Sword dealt with one of the most important moments of the year: the unveiling of Stephen Harper's second minority budget. This is the event that will shape how Canada is governed over the next 2, 5, maybe even 15 years. Will the budget solidify the Conservatives power in the minority government? Will the opposition force an election over it? Will said election just repeat the current Parliament, or perhaps give Harper a crushing defeat or enough new MPs to make a majority government? What about the budget itself? Is it a good budget? Are there potentially serious ramifications about adopting the proposals in it (c.f. income trusts)? Will it be good for Canada? Bad for Canada? Does it do anything at all?

Well, prepare to have these questions answered. Below you shall find the entire space dedicated to the federal budget that I will be making on this blog. This is your be-all and end-all source to my interests, opinions, and beliefs which shall be posted about this massively important (possibly) budget. I now present:

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child's complete coverage of the 2007 Federal Budget:

Well, hope you enjoyed it!