Shouldn't their name be "Planned Baby Vaccuuming"?

Big Blue Wave has a post about a Saskwatchewan nurse (male) who has received unlikely support in fighting the revocation of his nursing licence due to his unapproved opinions on babykilling.

Anyways, that reminds me about a thought I had while listening to the radio today. The Government of Canada has (apparently 4 years ago) launched a "Preparing for Parenthood" program with information about importing adopted children, importing caregivers, the new maturnity leave rules, etc. etc. The radio ad was talking about "planning for parenthood", and I was left thinking... "isn't that what the name 'Planned Parenthood' would imply?"

So out of curiosity, and I'm not the "investigative blogger" sort to call them and find out, what does "Planned Parenthood" do when you call and tell them that you're planning to be a parent, and you'd like some information on spousal tax deductions and fetal alcohol syndrome? Do they break down and tell you "well, unless you're planning on murdering your upcoming child, we really have nothing of use for you?"