Man, those enviro-wackos aren't deterred by anything

From a letter by regular letter-writer and long-time socialist moron David J. Parker in the Edmonton Journal on Tuesday March 20th 2006:

Protest went ignored
I was surprised to find no coverage by The Journal of the March 11 climate change protest in Sir Winston Churchill Square. More than 200 people tunred out in the cool spring weather.
Why did Edmonton's largest daily ignore this very important issue?
David J. Parker, Edmonton
So, anybody want to take a crack at paraphrasing? Basically, Parker is upset that the Edmonton media ignored his little climate change protest. He felt that this protest should have been paid extra attention by the media because so many people showed up to protest against global warming on an unseasonably cold day! This reminds me of last year, I think, there was some sort of major (inaugural, annual, outdoor) protest planned to support Kyoto and oppose "evil mother earth raping capitalists" or some such thing. It had to be cancelled due to a massive snowstorm.

Bonus David Parker links: The same guy is likely this one on the board of directors for some veggie-eating organization (fun fact: when I had to go buy a copy of the Journal because I only glanced at it this afternoon, I stopped at McDonalds on the way home and had 4 beef patties). He's also ran for the Green Party in Edmonton-Centre, and several people took him to task for a wacko letter he wrote to APEGGA.

Bonus APEGGA/Global Warming link: Friends of Science, a group currently registered under Alberta's Societies Act, formed by a number of APEGGA members distraught over the discovery that Environment Canada says it "doesn't want to discuss the science about global warming".


K. Restoule said...

Yeah, I'm mad because no one covered my Anti Oprah protest in Calgary. Sheesh, the biased media.

Anonymous said...

Flunked physics and it still hurts, eh? Don't worry, that's what Mathcad is for.

your bud,