"change to the advisory committee is certainly less threatening to judicial independence than the Liberals appointing actual judges from their ranks"

On Saturday, Prairie Wrangler did a long drawn out rant on how Harper continues to be labelled as "scary" even though the "scary" things he was supposed to do never happened. How? Easy. The Liberal policies he has continued to support are now in and of themelves "scary". Read on:

I mean seriously: wake up. How can you still, after a year plus of a Conservative government that has increased government spending and eschewed basically every principal tenant of the Reform party (from the nation resolution for Quebec, to the absolute lack of either social and fiscal conservatism), still trot out this boogeyman with a straight face?

How are Liberal policies - from the ATA provisions, to the environment, to the war in Afghanistan, to smear tactics and attack ads from Paul Martin's campaign handbook - all of a sudden terrifying to Liberals? If the Liberals of 2007 could meet the Liberals of 2004, they'd be shocked at how terrifying they were not 3 years ago.
He also takes apart a prime tenant of liberalism:
When the measure of a program becomes it's purpose, and not its results, we have a huge problem. I swear to God, if the Liberals had set up a $5 million a year World Peace Forum thats sole purpose was to send out comforting hand written letters to warlords pleading with everyone to "just get along", Harper would be deemed a heartless bastard for cutting the program