Ed Stelmach is a dangerous liberal

A little harsh, you say? Nonsense. He has me agreeing with Ray Martin for Pete's sake!

One of my early beefs about Ed Stelmach, as you may recall, was that I wrote him back when he was transportation minister. The letter informed him that Edmonton Police were violating photo radar rules mere days after they had been enacted. I had, and still do have, video proof of these compliance failures by Edmonton City Police. Ed, who was at the time the lord and master of photo radar... did nothing.

The goddamned useless coward did nothing. No penalties or threats of penalties for EPS were ever issued, and to this very day they run illegal photo radar at various locales in this city with only superficial provincial oversight in practise (oversight that in theory is all powerful).

Now he's announced that the rules for red light cameras will be relaxed to permit them to detect people speeding through intersections. [so much for the rules your driving instructor taught you. remember? stale green cover your break check your mirror point of no return gas and go -ed]

Hey Ed, I have an idea. Why don't you read what I would do if I were in charge of the red light cameras and see if you could do any better? Its certainly smarter than this idea.


Dave said...

I don't suppose you have an empty oil well you could drop him in? Gotta start rebuilding the supplies somehow. Oil sands will only last so long. Is it time for Mr. Morton yet?

Calgary Libertarian said...

Its a shame what has happened to Alberta we have seem to have squandered another oil boom. Oil is back up to 70$ a barrel how come we are running a deficit?? we are what 800 million in the red, that seems like a small amount of money to find to cut just on principal if any thing else. I am looking to the wild rose party at least for now. As there is currently no libertarian pronvical party as of yet and I like Danielle Smith