Is It True What They Say About Ignatieff?

Consider this: if StopIggy.com is accurate....

He lobbied his supporters aggressively to vote to extend the Canadian mission in Afghanistan
He has come out swinging against the Kyoto Accord, posting in his online blog that the Accord is ineffective, and that he has better ideas for reducing pollution in Canada.
He has hinted that he wants to reform the Medicare system to allow increased privatization
Iggy has spent the better part of his academic career advancing views that fit disturbingly well with the current positions of the U.S. administration
Iggy was an enthusiastic supporter of the Iraq war
He wrote breathlessly of “Jeffersonian” democracy

...than this Michael Ignatieff guy might almost be worth voting for.

How much do you figure, however, that they're just trying to tempt us with a bunch of things that aren't actually true? That's the more likely story.

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