Benedict XVI was planning this...

I was reading through Colby Cosh's archives for something other than sleep/dishes/cleaning to do, and came across this entry on Pope Benedict SVI after he was coronated"

From Wednesday morning's New York Times, which I cite here not because it is a bad newspaper but because it is a good one:
Pope Benedict's well-known stands include the assertion that Catholicism is "true" and other religions are "deficient"; that the modern, secular world, especially in Europe, is spiritually weak; and that Catholicism is in competition with Islam.
In other words--oh my God! They picked a Catholic to be Pope!

Seems to have come full circle now, doesn't it?

Bonus link: Cosh's webpage search couldn't find it, but just below this post was the entry on Ann Coulter's article in Time Magazine I was looking for last week.