Chris....Pronger is it? Neverheardaya

The Edmonton Journal reports today about Chris Pronger being upset over his treatment by Edmonton fans.

Luckily the Journal's sportswriters don't let the big adulterer get the last word:

As revealed in Hall of Fame hockey writer Jim Matheson's interview with ex-Oilers defenceman Chris Pronger in Tuesday's Journal, Pronger still doesn't get it.
If Chris Pronger is "pissed off" about the numerous rumours floating around about his depature from the Edmonton Oilers, he has himself to blame.

When he wanted to be traded, he should have called a press conference, announced his wish to leave, and explained, in a simple but clear sentence, precisely why he wanted out.

Case closed. Gossip averted. But that has never happened.
Still its interesting to consider that if the rumours are true, Prongs coulda stayed in Edmonton if he'd just waited for CityTV to fire Christie Chorley when Bell Globemedia bought out CHUM.