Space. The Final Frontier.

Presenting all of the Star Trek TV series opening themes, courtesy of YouTube:

The original series theme. For some reason, I can't find one that's longer (ie. contains DeForest Kelley). I'll keep looking.

The first season of Star Trek:The Next Generation. Notable for showing our actual solar system, which they changed in Season 3. Oddly enough, this is the only TNG theme video I can find.

Also I can't find either of DS9's opening themes, which seems a shame. They did the slow music early seasons theme, and the militaristic Defiant theme too. Can't find either.

Update, September 29 2006 2:34am: I managed to find this opening theme from the first two seasons - sans credits. Close enough. Now the militaristic theme is on my to-do list.

Naturally, the crap-ship Voyager theme is available in its full... *ahem*... "glory". Gawd I hate this show, especially since CityTV has apparently decided that its the Trek-show to be aired twice a day on free TV while the other series get jacked.

Here's the regular theme to Star Trek Enterprise (Berman, that asshole, in his wisdom decided to leave "Trek" off the show's depiction. Good ideas from that man, I tell ya)

The "battle theme" for the mirror-universe episodes of Enterprise

And here's the Enterprise theme to the music of Star Trek:The Motion Picture. Boy they have a lot of videos from that half-baked idea of a show.