Alberta Blogtime and Cooking with passion

I was directed over to Austrailian Su-Yin's cooking blog. Nothing there that particularly interests me. Ah well.

You may notice that I now have the "Alberta Blogs" automated blogroll on the right of the page, yet not myself be listed. This is because I have added the code, but still haven't gotten around to actually emailing the blog to them. This is mostly an anonymity issue: the original issues about my anonymous posting have (with two exceptions) evaporated into the wind. But I am finding new and exciting reasons to not burden you people with unnecessary information such as "who I am" or "how to contact me". Unfortunately my emails all say my actual honest-to-God name. Anyways, I will probably figure a way out of these by the end of the afternoon, and likely will myself be on the Alberta Blogs blogroll within a week. Which is, of course, why I'm posting so much this weekend: why would I publish after people get to read it?