Temporary "sticky" post test

This is a placesetting post. Why? I don't know if Blogger.com can do sticky posts. But I feel that they most likely will put posts in order of draft, rather than in order of posting. If I am correct, this post will be above the posting I just drafted but did not publish regarding things that concern me, like Americans and Arar, the Oilers against the Canucks in a split-squad game, and the Alberta Royalty Tax Credit program.

If I am incorrect, that post will appear above this one, and my beautiful plan will fail miserably. (Not that its relevent anytime soon, I just would like to know).

Update, 5:20am: It works, baby, it works! If I ever decide to make a sticky post, I simply post a few (say, 5-20) blank "draft" posts underneath it. Then, as I wish to post, I can add them in one at a time until I wish the "sticky" post to unstick. Then I can delete all of the draft posts that I didn't use, and voila. Not bad, FACLC, not bad...