Returning to /. after a lengthy absence

How long has it been since I visited slashdot.org? This post when I returned from vacation is the latest entry I can find referring to it, so I wouldn't be surprised if its been about that long. In all honesty, I sorta forgot it existed. I was always aware of it, but the only times I ever thought "I wonder whats on /." was when I was far away from any computer.

Today however I was motivated to check it out when Colby Cosh made a coding error, failing to include a link on the last entry of a world press roundup: "Sony's Japanese price point for the PlayStation 3 turns out to be too high at 2× the XBox 360 and the Wii".

So naturally I check slashdot. I find this entry: Low-End PS3 Comes with HDMI, Cheaper in Japan. Also available in the PS3 library is a look inside the PS3, a look at the problems with the PS3, and that finally later this month Sony willactually start building PS3 machines to fulfill their promise of 1 million machines in 2006. Sounds like the Xbox360 difficulties tripled (and the cost doubled, Cosh reminds us).

Also found on slashdot: