The things you find hiding from Lyle Oberg commercials

Does anybody have any clue whatsoever what this means?

The end of January - the beginning of February, 2005 . Photos of Lucy Lawless were published by Rob Tapert, her husband. Rob Tapert had a need to attract to attention to his project "Boogeyman" and photos of Lucy were not beautiful and they had vulgar design.

After, I heard the following information: Boogeyman (its budget is $20 million) had big advertising and information: $8.5 million in its first weekend. But dreams about a great success are not harmful! After the second weekend Boogeyman had left a top list!

Madame Vandersexxx (Eurotrip) had destroyed a popularity of Lucy Lawless, nobody was able to trust that one day Lucy will has played this role but at present time Mary Jensen (Boogeyman) is destroying a popularity of Rob Tapert. I think this situation prove that people loved no Xena and no Rob Tapert they loved only Lucy, because Xena is Lucy Lawless.
Taking part of Lucy in a show which falls from favor explain big money of Boogeyman. Needs to pay due, a rent of 3,052 movie theatres, big advertising of Boogeyman in mass media and others the arrearage of her Rob Tapert i.e. there is a need to attract attention to BOOGEYMAN and Rob Tapert was in a great hurry to undress his wife.

But 23 March 2005 Lucy's naked back had been deleted from Two and a Half Men. I.e. sexual perverts Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, Chuck Lorre were gelded without anesthesia and eunuch Chuck Lorre oppose? Aha! Thankless! It was medical care! You all had gotten used to turn woman into rubber (sex) doll. I think, the Rob cockerel must undress!
Using own popularity Lucy Lawless tries one's best to attract attention to Rob Tapert and her actions assist to raise up a career of Rob Tapert and his boyfriend Sam Raimi. But it is not enough for them and with help of Rob Tapert influence on Lucy they used not only Lucy but her pregnancies, stepdaughter and his shared children.

But still it is not enough for Rob and Sam. Using subject of Xena and forgetting that film was for children they had thought out the following: two heroes of film are women so they will be lesbians!

Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi use analogous pictures where there is kiss of Xena and Gabrielle to demonstrate Lesbianism of Xena, but why I am looking at this picture and I see only beaten and dying Xena and necrophilia of Gabrielle or maybe Gabrielle wishes to rape Xena at this picture, though it is sixth season, the final scene of second series of Friend in need: Gabrielle had brought a few water from a stream of life in her mouth to give Xena.