Third Edge of the Sword 2.0?

I was blog reading this afternoon, but Haloscan is really slow with the September 11th activity, and Blogger.com is going a little slow as well.

So I'm reading up on features in Blogger.com's new beta version.

I'll evalutate their potential for Third Edge of the Sword on an item-by-item basis:

  • Customize Your Template: It mentions "new page elements and font and color options" but no details. I might use one of these if it turns out to be any good. I am not holding out for much hope, though.
  • Create a Private Blog: I'm not sure if this can be set so that only individual posts are "private", or end up turning this into a "myspace" blog where people have to login. The first one might be handy: an occasional post actually telling the details about M_____'s visit to my workplace and what really happened might be of interest to a few select people. Also, I could read up on it myself and have a more direct firsthand account on what happened..in case I forget. Still not worth an upgrade.
  • Fresh New Templates: I've got a template I'm relatively comfortable with at this point. It's not garishly large or has large images that simply annoy people. It backgrounds my text and personality relatively well, and makes this blog easy to read. Won't need it. Unless there's a really good one.
  • More Feed Options: While I'm always hungry, they're talking here about RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 standards compliance. I have no freaking idea how any of this stuff works, and I'm too lazy to learn. The "feed for all comments on your blog" sounds like a half-good idea, for all these March 2006 posts that are being spammed after leaving the main page. Maybe I'll look into it, but not today.
  • Updated Dashboard: "The new Dashboard makes it easier to check your blog’s activity and gives you one-click access to the most common blog management tasks." What the hell does that even mean? It tells me nothing about what it includes, and whether any of the management tasks I use will be there. Nevermind.
  • Instant Publishing: No more publishing spinnor spinner (though a publishing spinnor would be kinda cool). This is neat and handy, but we'll wait and see.
  • Bugs: Yes, you heard right: there are bugs! Awesome! What kind of bugs? Old users can't login to post, archive list difficulties, no search options, no "NextBlog Button", no support for browsers other than the Big Two, and a few others. Third party applications won't work, and if I don't like it... I'm SCREWED, can't go back.
I guess I won't be changing for now.

I wonder if Blogger 2.0 blogs can be seen to be experienced...
Update, 3:07pm: Yes, Julia Buckley for example.

Update, September 22 2006 2:27pm: The Soapbox Prophet recently switched to Blogger 2.0 as well, with varying results.