And in other generic baseball news I'm kicking ass and taking names..

Meanwhile, my two playoff-enabled public Yahoo leagues are doing slightly better:

Above is the results in the head-to-head with the Edmonton Separatists: While my ERA could easily falter and the stolen bases are up for grabs, I'm doing all right. Wins I have to concede: barring a miracle where Suppan fails to get the job done against the Diamondbacks and my relievers get a "W", I can't catch that pitiful lead.

The Alberta Mariners are doing thusly: the 11/12 finish will be forgotten if my boys can surge ahead here. This is all without a Catcher, mind you. Or a Second Baseman. Or a First Baseman! Jason Varitek was on the DL. Aaron Rowland was on the DL. And Dmitri Young is apparently a clubhouse cancer and was unceremoniously dumped from the Tigers just before he might make it into a promising postseason. Yet despite the absence of three positions (one of them a huge producing position) I did well this week. Why? Pitching, natch. All that's left is today's matches: bad news, as usual. I do have kid-wonderblunder Felix Hernandez on the mound today. (His victory would keep another save out of Grande Prairie boy's hands, on the plus side). If the tandem duo of Shields-Rodriguez can keep the Angels ahead of the Blue Jays, I'll get a double bonus with the GP matchup discussed in the post below. Oddly enough, I face against Nathan, but its now 8-0 for the Twins against Detroit (2:21pm), so that ship seems to have sadly sailed. Ah well.