Satan's prophet Mohammed still doing Lucifer's dirty work

Q. What do the towel-heads around the world say when the Pope quotes an old text criticizing Muslims for being overly violent?

A. They bomb churches and shoot a 60 year old nun in the head!

I think its time somebody with an accurate map of the middle east calculated exactly how many neutron bombs need to be dropped on which location to kill every inhabitant of the Middle East outside of Israel. If this is not feasible, then Isreal should be evacuated and the entire MidEast carpet bombed with a bunch of these babies

Seriously, its time we face the facts that "Mohammed" was actually Satan himself, fueling the fires of a weak-moraled people to his own cause, and that the Koran is in fact The Devil's own handbook. Until this theory gains hold, feel free to check out Mohammed's Believe It Or Else!