Less angry, less white, and less male

I continue to hold out hope by keeping a link to Angry White Males on my sidebar, even though after a big start the new comics died down until the election last year, but still have not posted a new cartoon in the 2006 Calendar year.

A similar, yet far more active webcomic, is Day by Day. Not putting it in the sidebar, but here you go for a peek. There's some non-political stuff too, like this recent one about hot engineer chicks. A good Clinton/Berger bashup was done as well the day before 9/11's anniversary.

Speaking of political comics, what's Stephen Notley up to? The last sorta political strip he did (thank God) was "Hiding Behind Women and Children", and that was fairly tame. No political nonsense on angryflower.com in ages now, and that's a good thing.