Thoughts from Vancouver-Dallas Game 7, Part 1

  • If I was Harry Neale, I'd complain about being teamed with Jim Hughson. I mean, working with Bob Cole covers up a lot of flaws, and they get exposed working with somebody who knows the players on the teams he's covering. Early in the game a Brendon Morrow dive prompted a weird Greg Louganis joke from Harry. Hughson started to try and run with it and save the segment, and had his voice drop off in what I can only assume is the non-verbal (yet non non-vocal) way of saying ah fuck it Harry, you're on your own.

  • I get the feeling the vintage Canucks jerseys won't be a bright idea...fans are going to find a very vintage feeling in their souls after the end of the game: "man the Canucks suck"

Bonus (non-lame) joke:
Q. What do a gold medal and a penis have in common?

A. They have both have hung from Greg Louganis's chin