Springtime for Cho Seung-Hui

Yes, that's right, it didn't take long for Daily Kos (rabble.ca dropped the ball) to post a heartfelt memorial to the "33rd victim" from Virginia Tech, the goddamn psychotic gook who's responsible for the whole affair.

Seung-Hui Cho, as he called himself
Didn't he call himself that stupid question mark?

He longed for comfort and company. All he received was chiding. Even in death, Seung-Hui Cho is scorned. I am forlorn.
Oh fuck off. He was 'scorned'. All mass murderers are scorned. If Cho wanted to avoid 'scorn' there were many easy ways to do it. He killed a shitload of people, and for that I will scorn him (and his apparently mass-murder loving culture, if need be).

From the first, there were labels. Many said he was "Chinese"
All of them working on the early information within hours of the shooting, when several sources named a Chinese man on a student visa as the perpetrator. This, of course, isn't a wrong or evil thing. The left wing nutsos like to paint it as such, of course.

Then he was, and today he is still frequently referred to as a Korean National.
What else do you call someone who has a Korean citizenship and not an American one?

Cho lived in shadows, deep and dark. He attended classes at a prestigious University. He was a scholar, a writer.
And if he were any shittier of a scholar, any poorer of a writer, he'd be the next ghostwriter for Naomi Klein. Yeah yeah, we get it.

Perhaps, America has let the Cho family down.
Yeah, that's exactly how the subject and object should be arranged in that sentence.

(h/t to Blog Quebecois)