"Hey, did you happen to see, the most horrible day, of my week?"

Last night, the goddamned Toronto Maple Leafs won.

Colorado had a lead in their game, and Edmonton was getting stomped 2-0 by the Flames. After the Flames lead was announced in Colorado, the Avs collapsed and lost their game, guaranteeing Calgary a place in the playoffs. And that's when the Oilers decided to stop sucking, break a 205 minute scoreless streak, and score 3 unanswered goals to win the game...thus eliminating any chance of an overall draft pick.

Even when the Oilers win, we manage to lose...


Nathan Giesbrecht said...

Here's to the Islanders! Montreal and Toronto out of the playoffs, Tiger Woods lost the Masters, and the Canucks are going to win the cup, life couldn't be better!