My Stanley Cup 2007 Predictions Hopes and Dreams

Well I was thinking a little bit over the last couple of days, and there are a pair of items that I think would make this years Stanley Cup playoffs truely memorable. Either would be wonderful. If both occured I could commit suicide and be eternally happy.

  1. In the first game of the Stanley Cup final, for Buffalo Sabres ace goalie Ryan Miller to be injured, possibly as a result of something Spacek does. The end result: Buffalo has to play the rest of the series with their backup goaltender between the pipes. His name? Ty Conklin

  2. The Game 7 overtime Stanley Cup winning goal should be scored by... Rory Fitzpatrick. The man that fans tried to vote in as an All-Star, whom the NHL not-so-secretly cheated out of the role at the last possible minute, would become the playoff hero of 2007 and cement his place in the record books and also give an ironic comeuppance to the NHL suits who decided to let fans vote for the all-star in a marketing gimmick and then reject the fans' choice when it didn't match up with the names that they wanted the fans to chose. (Besides, it might help him next year when the voting comes up).