"Used to be a lieutenant. Pretty good one, too, till they gave him orders to attack the wrong Hill."

So Islanders d-man Sean Hill was suspended 20 games due to drug policy violations. Since his team last night was eliminated from the playoffs, I assume he has to miss the first 19 games of the 2007-2008 regular season. (He may have to miss 20, its possible that the suspension will not include his one playoff game)

When I first saw the ticker on TSN yesterday, I got excited. Hill suspended for steroids! Awesome! Well, until I saw that it was in NHL news...I had hoped that Aaron Hill had been suspended.

Already the goddamned Toronto media are griping that Hill was a "pivotal" part of the Toronto playoff elimination. For one thing, Hill was +2 with no points in the 5-2 Leafs loss on April 5th. Even however if Hill was rather valuable to the Islanders, he was responsible for helping eliminate the freaking Maple Leafs. For that, his 25 game suspension was probably downgraded.