I felt dirty when I looked down her shirt. I felt old and dirty when...

...well, actually, no, this is mostly right. Except the looking down the shirt bit, which I had done on previous days but that's not the point.

Okay, there are lots of hot <21 girls in this city (and I have photographs of most of them), but this is one I work with and lemme tell you in a green dress there are few better.

Regardless, at work last week I made a reference to one of my favourite bands growing up, I Mother Earth. To which she replied: "who?"

Naturally, I didn't skip a beat: "Edwin's old band" I told her. Unfortunately, she didn't skip a beat either: "who?"

If you want to feel really old, reference a band who's last album was 2003 and have some young girl who's future paints her to be either a stripper or a coffee shop waitress have absolutely no idea who the hell you're talking about.

Continued talking about Limblifter, Static in Stereo, etc. was briefly considered and then rejected. But I did stare at her ass later, so a small semi-pyrrhic victory was acheived.