The normal breast is really a mixed bag

It's definitely definitely definitely not safe for work (though emailed to me by a friend who was at work when he looked at it), but here's the "Normal Breast Gallery".

These knockers are really hit-and-miss though: for every nice rack there's an ugly and misshapen set of milkers that makes you understand why "media images make them believe the ideal is big and perky breasts with an adolescent-type small nipple and areola". Because the opposite is creepy (again NSFW).

I highly recommend, however, not clicking the link that reads The Shape of a Mother: Images of real mothers' bodies - very inspirational...unless you want to be inspired to turn queer. Which you don't.

Bonus weird thing: If the cause was so just, they wouldn't have to boldy lie on the site.

And it's not just the teenagers. By age thirteen, 53 percent of American girls are unhappy with their bodies; but by age seventeen, 78 percent are dissatisfied. By far the majority of adult women in the US are not happy with their breasts. The proof of that is that so many women (well over 200,000 in year 2002) choose breast implants, a risky procedure that can impair their health and forces them to have several surgeries afterwards and eventually have the implants removed. Why is this so? What causes teens to agonize over their breast development instead of observing it with thrill and joy, with the realization, "I'm maturing!"? What causes women to worry so much about their breast size as part of their body image?
Er, yeah, breast implants don't force women to have several surgeries to remove the implants. I was tempted to call this bad grammar, since its the possible (but not assured) health impairment that would mandate removal, but even then some of the 'impairment' is back problems and women aren't forced to remove them and several don't. The sentence is constructed poorly, but I'll bet you that its deliberate.