Odd ad campaign

I can't find the video of it, not that anybody who I'd want reading my blog is the sort of person who would enjoy it, but there's a new Fido ad out about faggots. The comments to that link describe it well enough.

The question becomes exactly who the ad is supposed to be for. The average fruitcake will probably be offended by a commercial to challenge orthodoxy and utilize the inconvenient truth that people can and do decide to become tinkerbells. What does that leave them as an ad campaign?

Fido: The phone for guys who want to become sodomites
Or perhaps
The new pay as you go phone from Fido: what to give that cousin of yours who likes to play hopscotch instead of baseball
Maybe even...
If you think you're a fairy, call us


Dave said...

Thank you for the Richard Weller link. I've sent that to my pro-homo,tree hugging, P.E.T.A. supporting, daughter. Should be good for yet another arguement! lol