They don't fit!

[So, how's the Day Break episode watching/reviewing coming along? -ed] Shut up.

Well okay, I have all the Day Break episodes, but things haven't conspired yet to allow me to review them. In the interim, I've learned I have a new problem. Each of the 13 episodes takes up approximately 355,000kB of storage space. The episodes together combine to require 4,722,122,752 bytes of storage space on disk.

So I go to check Wikipedia, which helpfully informs me that a DVD+R, which holds slightly more than DVD-R, can contain up to 4,700,372,992. Now you know I am not a man of overreaction [mum's the word! -ed], but AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

99.539407% That's how much of the data would fit on a single handy DVD-ROM. Or, to put it another way, if I put Day Break on two DVDs I'll end up wasting about half of each disk. My other undesirable options at this point are to try and overburn the DVD (which is apparently impossible), or possibly find some way to very very slightly shrink the filesizes down. This requires endless reading in rambling and intensive helpfiles such as this one which is not a cheery prospect. Or else finding a useful video editor (for free), a process which has led me down many programs, none of which work properly. "videofixer" being the most glaring example.

Naturally, this would all be moot if only these 13 files were a mere 21 MB smaller!