Stephane Dion's not-so-hidden meaning

But Liberal Leader Stephane Dion blasted the move. "I think it's the worst of two worlds because in the current system you choose the best person," he said. "I'm not sure the prime minister chose the best person. And he cannot claim that it's a democratic process. Really, it's an election that came a very long time ago.

What that frog ass claims in the line that you click to get to the link really boils down to this:
I think I know who should be Alberta's Senator far more than 312,041 Albertan hicks ever could.
If that wasn't enough, what's with this "election was so long ago" nonsense? After all, the last Liberal Senate appointees were Francis Fox and Yoine Goldstein. Francis Fox was last elected in 1980, while Goldstein was never elected by anyone. If Dion wants reasons to oppose Brown's appointment, I suggest he find one less inconsistent with the way he wants these Senators chosen.