Post #700 Baby!

Well, after a seemingly endless wait since the last time, the seven hundredth post of this blog is now underway. The last hundred posts have seen a few changes, several on the cosmetic side.

You see, Blogger.com forced us all to go to "the new blogger", which has left me forced to make several changes. My least favourite, which nobody other than me has to deal with (well, related to Third Edge of the Sword anyways) is that my old one-word username was unceremoniously replaced with the email address I had to use to create a blogger account.

On the other hand, the new blogger came with a few neato features. Amoung them:

    • Old posts all have the same sidebars on the right hand side. While this means looking at archived posts might be confusing for some ("click on the link to the right to sign up for a baseball pool? where???") it also means that the same favourite websites, archives, and features are available when viewing entries that were posted before the sidebar was updated.
    • The archives are much cleaner and more easy to navigate. You can click the arrow next to a year/month and see the posts instantly appear. The downside? The casual observer would think to click the word, but that brings you to the page for that work. Not quite as obvious to internet newbies. On the other hand, internet newbies who view this site will likely swear off the internet forever anyways.
    • Labels are now available. This could be huge and important, or just a waste of my afternoon to label all the backposts. We'll see.
    • Private blogs are now possible, so I have created one. I guess this is another of those things nobody other than me cares about. Ah well.
    • Several modules can be installed to the sidebar, and one of them is the one I've installed showing the last 5 posts. Not only has this made it easier to keep track of discussions, but has helped me eliminate the spam postings. One post had almost 100 of them!

And now the moment you've been waiting for: the statistics. (Also easier thanks to the auto-counting on the monthly archive display). In January since the 600th post, there were 22 posts over 29 days, 20 hours, and 47 minutes, which gives a posting rate of one post every 17.68 hours, or every 0.7366 days (ie. every 17 hours, 40 minutes, and 44.33 seconds). In February over 28 days there were a total of 47 posts, which provides a posting rate of one post every 14.29 hours, or every 0.596 days (ie. every 14 hours, 17 minutes, 52.34 seconds). In March, there were 29 posts over 31 days for a posting rate of one every 1.06 days (ie. every 1 day, 1 hour, 39 minutes, 18.62 seconds). So far in April, naturally excluding this post, there has been nothing. So since Post 600 on January 2nd, there has been a posting rate of one post every 0.932 days (ie. every 22 hours, 22 minutes, 26.94 seconds). Though I've felt that my posting rate has vastly dropped lately, the evidence doesn't really bear that out. Well, that makes me feel better.

As a final note, over this span my blog won an award.

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